“We Got Band, D.J and a Firebreather for 50 Quid and a Plate of Sandwiches…Facebook Groups…”


Though the title of this post might be pushing the extremes of what can be seen on wedding groups on Social Media, it is closer to the truth than one might think. Example (A) Disgruntled bride to be finds a Facebook group titled “Broke Brides”, “Brides on a Budget” or “Wedding Penny Pincher”…you get the idea. Now that she has found her group of sympathetic peers, she unleashes her complaint against the absurd quote for wedding music she has received.

“Just been quoted 2.5K for band and D.J…is this normal??? seems like a lot LWhat is everyone else paying for their music. TIA xoxoxo”-Feeling Shocked

Now. Before I receive a flurry of E-Mails defending our Example Bride, let’s make it clear, I am all for Wedding Couples getting value for money. In fact, many of the posts on this blog outline a couple of trade secrets on how to get “The Most Band for Your Buck”, but in this instance, Facebook groups, such as those described above, are providing a false sense of economy. This is causing a perpetual race to the bottom and is leading to a lot of unhappy wedding couples, which, is of no real benefit to anyone. While there will always be someone who got a very good price on their band, said band might not be the same standard that you were hoping for. Sometimes it really is worth spending a bit extra.

In the remainder of this article I will discuss some of the pros and cons of Facebook groups and forums. I will mainly look at Facebook for this article, stay tuned for posts on other Social Media Platforms. Thanks in advance for reading and I’ll catch you on the other side!

Three Main Types of Wedding Groups on Facebook

Community Forums

This is the most common type of wedding group on Facebook, a mostly open and un-moderated forum where wedding vendors are free to advertise their products. Popular titles for these groups might include, but are not limited to ,”Broke Brides Bantry”, “Frugal Father of The Bride Fermanagh” and ”Offaly Cheap Dresses”. Potential customers can also post in search of certain quotes. There is merit to this sort of group. Wedding couples can very quickly be provided with a ton of options for their wedding. The down side to this is also that ton of options, and the unsolicited spam that will follow. Couples are presented with quotes and availability for services which they never asked for. As for the services they do want, they have been presented with far too many options to realistically consider, and are now back where they started. With regards to wedding music, I have personally witnessed brides receiver over 50 responses from wedding bands in just over 10 minutes. This is the main reason I stopped participating in these groups, the market saturation became too much to bare. I was spending half my day with my phone in my hand replying to posts. I wasn’t working on my business or generating any leads. Many hours wasted.


Exclusive Facebook Groups

This subsection represents an interesting trend in social media platforms as marketplaces. As wedding couples transitioned from traditional web searches to looking for wedding vendors on Facebook and Instagram, Wedding Supplier Sites that charged vendors to be listed on their page were becoming scared. ‘How can we continue to charge these wedding bands and balloon makers extortionist fees to be on our site’. ‘Ah yes, we’ll create a Facebook group for wedding couples, and only allow access to vendors who have paid us’. Smart you might think, and I would be inclined to agree with you. More of a last ditch survival attempt but it certainly kept some companies a float for longer than they should have. Now the problems arose when moderators, who were paid by this marketing company, were attempting to direct potential customers from this Facebook group back to the company’s website…if you’re struggling to follow to logic it’s because there is none. Supplier Website > Facebook Group > Supplier site…Hmmmm. At peak craziness I was paying in excess of €200 a month to have two listings on one of these sites who shall remain nameless. A listing for Evening Band, and a listing for Drinks Reception Music. Marketing spend on this site was in the thousands before we eventually parted ways. Did we receive some bookings? Yes, 1 wedding booking for the band and about 3 Drinks receptions. In total recouping about a third of the amount spent on marketing, that’s before any labour or expenses are deducted. Yikes. You live you learn. A very costly mistake on my end. One I’m not keen to repeat.


Referral Based Wedding Groups

This third category is a little bit more honest in it’s attempts. It’s more based on recommendations. Can anyone recommend a band in Tyrone? Yes of course Miriam. Here’s 20 different bands, not too many, but enough to keep her busy looking at promo videos. Now this is where the ethics become a bit less sound. With the wedding music community being as close knit as it is, I recognize many of the recommendations are being made by members of said band. Though this type of group is not set up for marketing, Miriam is being marketed towards. In the grander scheme of things, it doesn’t really bother me or Miriam, especially not Miriam, she’s entirely Hypothetical. Lucky Her. Still, it is something to be a little bit vigilant of if you are trawling though Facebook groups In search of a bargain.


As usual, this is just our take on wedding groups on Facebook. In the grand scheme of things what do we know? About anything? Well, whatever we do know we are happy to share! Feel free to drop us a line and we can shed some light on any issues raised in our posts. Reach us at 4till6@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.

Till next time!

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